David Nefesh / Press

"The songs on Pureheart delve into..relationships between close friends, lovers, and family. (My Own Mars) captures a youthful playfulness. Called by name, each character is an alien to an outside world that chooses to take itself too seriously... Nefesh finds the magic in daily living."

Bruce Edward Walker - Daily Tribune (Royal Oak, MI)

"...an astounding guitarist...lyrical inspiration from his own experiences of loss, love and soul-searching and laces his songs with a spiritual subtext that's both refreshing and inspiring. It's a basic premise, but one full of complexity and nuance. David Nefesh is an artist to watch."

"An unfailing sincere folkie, David Nefesh comes from the school of 'earnest 'til it hurts'...some notable lyrical moments...a fine folk reflection on the order of what Bob Mould and Billy Bragg have been up to in the past decade."

"Nefesh's tunes are so universal in their content that I often feel as though he is singing about my life. His songs deserve to be accompanying me on my way to work in the morning when I tune into my favourite radio station."

Avrum Rosensweig, CFRB Radio Toronto - Internet

"I can't believe you're not on American Idol."

Noah Leavitt (9) - Personal Communication