Dave Sharp Secret Seven / Press

“Bassist Dave Sharp and Secret Seven interconnect an expansive jazz layout with New Orleans swamp-funk, world-beat rhythm structures, and variable components of Eastern and Western fare. Variety looms as a significant positive, where the band abides by a festive disposition. Sharp lays down a fluid and at times, monstrous bottom-end on these pieces, teeming with punchy horns and rollicking jazz-grooves. On "Blackout," the band spawns a tender melody line, enamored by Kaercher's radiant sax and Grisa's trickling piano phrasings. Sharp's clever arrangements fuse the past with the present, to complement the artists' bold and brash statements, all underscored by an entertaining outlook. Armed with a big sound, Secret Seven intersperses an Afro-Cuban element into the grand schema by injecting East Indian, jazz-fusion and Americana elements. Hence, a multifaceted gala consisting of power, eloquence and warmth, neatly packed into a rather all-encompassing presentation.”