Dave Odegaard / Press

“I have come across one that has no fear of musical limitations and utilizing them so far to push the envelope and creating some good original works of art.”

“Odegaard's free-spirited guitar work is reminiscent of the flashy, innovative metal-rock work of Steve Vai and even the melodic, pulsating, instrumental techo-rock of Jan Hammer.”

Robert Silverstein - MusicWeb Express 3000

“Guitarist Dave Odegaard, who hails from Los Angeles, CA, has created a catchy, groove- filled masterpiece here on Second Attention, a collection of songs that would cause Joe Satriani or Jeff Beck to kick themselves, lamenting the fact that they themselves didn't write and record them.”

“Dave's warm tone helps the strong melodic sense and vibrato shine through every note. The tone is reminiscent of Satriani's but has a little more earth and grit in it - what really stood out is the way Dave will really attack the strings with his right hand providing great dynamics.”