Daryl Black / Press

“Call Him Maybe... Daryl Black’s “Stereo Hearts” | Charming father of five looks like a regular dude offstage, but once he had a mic in his hand and a smooth-jazz arrangement of Gym Class Heroes’ hit pumping in the background, Daryl suddenly took on the poise and confidence of a potential star. I couldn’t find a thing wrong with Daryl’s vocal, not even with him introducing the image of riding a giant unicycle in leather shorts only seconds before his audition began.”

“Daryl Black makes us smile... Daryl Black, a funny, charismatic father of five whose dream of a singing career includes a better life for his family and not just self-promotion. Daryl was one of the high points in another uneven episode. ”

“DARYL BLACK WINS OVER THE JUDGES WITH ‘STEREO HEARTS’ ON ‘X FACTOR’ The 37-year-old father of five was charming from the start. Upbeat and kind, his attitude beamed through as soon as he took the ‘X Factor’ stage; the guy admitted to wanting to buy a unicycle and leather shorts with his potential prizewinnings — we were pretty much hooked on Daryl after that. His voice, with its cool, clean tone, reminded us of an older singer but we couldn’t quite put our finger on it. But at least the judges fell in love with Daryl Black too! “I think you took over and commanded the stage … your stage presence was amazing, and I loved it,” said Britney Spears. Both L.A. Reid and Demi Lovato agreed that he was amazing, offering instant yeses to the man standing before them, smiling from ear to ear. “You remind me of Nat King Cole. I think you’re smart and you do something that’s different than everybody else,” said Simon Cowell. “There’s a place for you.””

“Gracing the stage with a strong performance of "Stereo Hearts" by Gym Class Heroes, Black walked away with four "yes" votes. "You remind me of Nat King Cole. I think there's a place for you. You have a yes," said L.A. Reid. Britney Spears agreed (video below). "I definitely say yes," said Spears. With his family backstage in support, Black also received good news from Simon Cowell and Demi Lovato. Solid with strong stage presence and an ability to make the song his own”