Darrian Kaye / Press

"Darrian Kaye is a young incredibly gifted Original Artist from Appleton you have to see to believe. Like all the disciplined original niche Artists she has a distinct style that is hauntingly sultry and intelligent!"

Bobby Rivers, cordinator and entertainer. - Music Row On Mason

"I'm highly interested in you as far as the music you play and the artist you are, folk and pop but original."

Executive Producer at Entertainment Productions - (Private Message)

"We have been listening to her CD and we are really excited to meet her and have her play here. She is a young, incredibly gifted musician from Appleton"

"Darrian's style of music makes others nod and snap with the beat, a very coffee house like feel"

Erica Her - Talisman Newspaper

"Darrian's music reminds me of Tracy Chapman. Her songs are earthy and haunting. She brings back that lonely, soulful, yearning of a young heart."

Listener - ...