darol anger / Press

““Darol Anger is the sort of musician who refuses to concede that musical boundaries even exist. Surrounding himself with musicians of the absolute top rank, Anger has upped the ante of string-band music almost off the charts.””

Bill Ray - Amazon.com

“Darol Anger is the quintessential improvising violinist.”

Dr. Billy Taylor - CBS Sunday Morning

“The Republic of Strings is sublime, and makes categories irrelevant. Darol Anger has been obliterating musical borders for years, but never to better effect than on his latest release.”

Associated Press

“Darol Anger is to fiddle what Bela Fleck is to banjo -- a stylistic adventurer. With his group the Republic of Strings, he interprets everything from Ornette Coleman to Aretha Franklin to Swedish modern-folk.”

Minneapolis Star- Tribune

“Crossing generations and musical boundaries, acclaimed violinist Darol Anger's Republic of Strings uses elements of old-time string band music, jazz, soul, country and early American music to construct a vivid world rich in spirit, bountiful in virtuosity.”

“Most fascinating was the wildly virtuosic individual playing. Anger moved casually from bebop to blues to classical licks. By the end, any idea of the narrow range of string instruments were long gone. Anger's group, more than a mere Republic, had the sound of a musical United Nations.”

Don Heckman - Los Angeles Times

“Nobody in the fiddle world has found himself on the front edge of progressive acoustic music as often as Darol Anger.”

Fiddler magazine

“have always loved Darol's approach to music and the soulful qualities of his playing...an appreciation for the roots of things.”

Mark O'Connor - Fiddle news