Dark Psychosis / Press

“Dark Psychosis-Lord to none Ep (2012) 15 minutes of pure genuine brutality, angry songs that go through a very fast black metal style, the voice is raspy and cruel, apparently this band has no limits.The guitar sound is very raw, ultimately this ep should have been a full-lenght disc, because you're left with the desire to continue listening more. Lord to none is a very good effort.Bands like this fit very well in the underground scene. ”

“Dark Psychosis (MI) Evil black/thrash metal Here is a demo from Lansing, MI. based band Dark Psychosis. Band was formed by Xaphan who played guitar for Summon. He's also in more straight ahead metal band Wastelander. Not a huge fan of black metal but I dig some of the riffs on this CD and the keyboards are a nice touch. Horns Up! \m/ ”

“DARK PSYCHOSIS/Same (Self Released) Some solid black metal mixed in with some death metal here. The vocals are black metal in vein and don’t sound bad and he sings in not a super low voice or just screaming about a bunch of nonsense. The music is a mix of fast black metal with some touches of death metal thrown in. Nice production as well and this is one of the better bands I have heard making the rounds these days. Info: sptattoo@yahoo.com ”