DaReal WordSound / Press

“Darealwordsound putting in work. Finishing up the PreMix for RAW UNCUT mix tape coming straight from the bay. #Darealwordsound #RawKulture #Support”

“Congrats to @Darealwordsound ! He will be taking $100 and get a free music shot edited and directed by the freshouthabay team”

“WORDSOUND just put out a brand new rap that unfolds the story of the entire issue of SHADOW HUNTERS #1!! This is a FREE download or donation. Let's show our support to this brilliant talent and pitch in what you can. "Putting Charlie Angels to rest!"”

“Wordsound turned fan-submitted pics into enthralling song ideas with March Madness, his ambitious new mixtape. Pictures were tagged with “@wordsound #songidea“, and then turned into fully-fleshed out songs with topics based on the images, rendering a 10 track release with large range in subject matter & extremely rewarding results.”

“Wordsound breaks the 4th wall with “Stereo Bumpin”, from his interactive new mixtape where you create the song idea and he makes a new song out of it”

“Yo you hella Funky!!”

Del The funky Homosapien

“You Made your mentor Proud On stage”


"look out for Elwin Williams, up in coming star"- Becky Young @ Craveonline.com