Danika Holmes / Press

"In Nashville you have to stand in a long line to be a new artist with something fresh. I've seen Danika & Jeb play a few times around town and I'm always struck by her voice and her uniqueness in phrasing and especially tone. I think she's a captivating singer in a truly soulful duo! A must-hear-LIVE artist!"

Trey Bruce - Emmy Award Winning Songwriter

“Danika Holmes isn't just easy on these eyes She's a true American talent.. I couldn't stop listening!! She's in my CD player right now.”

"Danika and Jeb are definitely Grape Life favorites. They’re fun and engaging, their music is wonderful and….best of all, they pack the place! I spent 25 years in the newspaper business, most of it as an entertainment reporter and editor. I’ve see some of the best guitarists that rock, blues and country have to offer. Jeb Hart can hold his own with any of them. His heart and passion are matched only by his technical skills.

Jim Renkes - Venue Owner (The Grape Life) and Entertainment Reporter

"Danika Holmes puts her heart and soul into every performance. Her smile draws you in, her music keeps you there."

Madalyn Sklar - GoGirlsMusic.com

“Holmes is an artist refining what makes her songs work, letting the musicians smoothly have their say, while never loosing sight of what she wants to say and how she wants to say it. ”

Martin - The Next Big Thing Blog

“Along with a collection of upbeat love songs, Holmes penned and sings empowering songs about taking responsibility for one's own life, living one's own dreams, and determining which path to take. ”

Bob Etier - View from the ID

“It is a brave thing to start a set of modern American country folk songs with a tale of loss and vulnerability, but this brave thing defines the music that follows, it states from the get go that this is a candid and original glimpse of the those that survive, but still are fragile, human, even scared. In this opening the singers prayers are perhaps not answered but by the asking, she is, one feels, made stronger, strong enough to carry on. ”

“Danika Holmes is a rising star in the heartland. She is a versatile singer/songwriter who could have written for June Carter as well as she could write for Shania Twain or K.T. Tunstall. Danika has just released her debut record, “Second Chances”, and was kind enough to take a little time to tell us about it. ”