Daniel Christian / Press

“This gem reminds me of a cross between James Taylor and Todd Herfindal of The Meadows, and if that sounds intriguing to you, give his disc a listen. Christian is a quality singer-songwriter!”

Absolute Powerpop

“Think Jackson Browne with a fuller, more modern sound. Christian's writing is superb.”

Aiding & Abetting

“The band soars with great piano and guitar! An Eagles easy feeling drive to it with sweet pedal-steel and lyrics that sound as if they could have been penned by Jackson Browne. 'Flowers and Song' has a nod to Graham Nash’s Laurel Canyon love songs while 'Summer’s Gonna Roll You' is a funky stroll through early seventies country rock.”

Americana UK

“Daniel Christian delivers! You'll definitely be a fan!”

Awaken Music

“Christian has a great voice, and his melodies are instantly familiar-sounding and intelligent.”


“Listening to Daniel Christian is akin to mining gold. His songwriting and performance chops are rock-solid, and there is treasure to be found in the lyrics, which pose thought-provoking questions.”

Kathryn Harris - Norfolk Daily News


Norman McCourt - A n' R Magazine

“A fantastic upbeat sound full of fun and excitement, it’s no wonder this has gained plenty of airplay on a variety of stations. The CD pulls you away on a journey of great music and lyrics. Daniel has hit a homerun! Do yourself a favor and do not pass this album by.”

Joel Michalec - WBTM radio

“Daniel Christian is what might happen if we merged the Beatles, Son Volt, The Vigilantes of Love, and Bob Dylan is his Memphis blues stage. A solid listen!”

James Morovich - The Phantom Tollbooth

“Christian’s well-crafted music is part country, part storyteller.”

David Bruce Murray - MusicScribe

“Refreshing...adventurous...Keep [these songs] away from anything too flammable!”

Nebraska City News-Press

“Daniel Christian has a strong sense of melody, a commanding vocal presence and the soul of a poet. His vocals make Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger sound like a second-class karaoke singer. The band behind him is full and robust, like a French-pressed cup of coffee.”

Jason Turner - Indie-Music.com

"A very solid album!"

L. Kent Wolgamott - Lincoln Journal-Star

“Daniel Christian has a smooth, clear pop voice that is an absolute pleasure to listen to. Thought provoking songs that are as marketable as they are substantial. There is significant substance in the songwriting here that is reminiscent of some of the best songwriters in pop/rock music.”

Wildy's World

“Christian is so well-versed that his lyrics never cease to be poetic and meaningful.”

Stereo Subversion

“Daniel Christian's talent and professionalism are top notch. Not to mention he's very charismatic and a really nice guy! I'm still listening to the CD in my car!”

Joe Skare - B-107.3 FM

“Awesome! Too much talent in one person. Daniel Christian is gifted! He has a simple delivery that works perfectly. I think we’ve stumbled upon another one of the industry’s true musicians in need of the spotlight.”

Leslie White - I Am Entertainment Magazine

“Christian captures a truly unique sound, and has a great future ahead! Keep an eye out for this artist!”

PowerSource Magazine

“A delightful evening of music and fascinating stories. An inspiring, uplifting, and entertaining concert by a very talented artist!”

Laura Turnbull - Pawnee Republican