Dan Henig / Press

“I rarely gush about anything other guys do, but I was quite taken with Dan Henig, he of the coffee shop folk-acoustic rendition of “Get Low.” Didn’t see it? Well, over a million other people on YouTube did, so you might want to come out from beneath that rock. Tell you what, take the Dan Henig primer and watch this interview he was gracious enough to do with NMR. In it, he gives off a good “everyguy” vibe that I think will play well with midwest values. Hell, even a godless heathen from the coast like me can dig on it a bit. I tell Dan during the interview that I think he will go far, and I mean it.”

“There’s nothing like hearing, “We all like seeing ass and titties” belted out with the soul and precision of a John Mayer record. Even better is the uncomfortable reactions Henig’s song choice creates for the shop’s customers.”

“With nothing but his handy, dandy guitar, Lil Jon and the Ying Yang Twins’ “Get Low” and a coffee shop full of virgin ears, Dan Henig launched into an acoustic cover for the ages. All rap songs should come with acoustic versions, especially the overly explicit and vulgar ones. Case in point here.”

“In his latest unexpected treat for fans, Henig has made both of his now-signature hip-hop covers available on iTunes. The songs and their artwork, reminiscent of 2 Chainz' famously simplistic Based On A T.R.U. Story album cover, are a humorous departure from Dan's more serious ventures as a recording artist, which include a six-song promotional EP showcasing Henig's raspy, soulful voice and airy, melodic brand of rock (think: John Mayer), also available for download.”

“Awesome. Simply awesome. And not to steal a youtube comment, but that’s the first time I’ve ever understood more than 2% of the the lyrics to this song.”