Danger*Cakes / Press

"If Bill Haley and the Comets and X-Ray Spex had a baby that was raised by Johnny Cash and Wanda Jackson, it would be Danger*Cakes."

Fanboy TV

"Ms. American Pie! This young female group rescues Rock and Roll!"

Playboy Mexico

“I love chicks with licks and these chicks have some serious licks. Danger*Cakes freaking rocks it, chocks it, clocks it, tick-tocks it and socks it out of the park. Dessert First, baby!”

“The lovely ladies of Danger Cakes have branded their style as “punk- infused R&B,” which is true but their music also includes all the major highlights of classic Rockabilly. From their sexy wardrobe and bouffant hairdos to their horn heavy, upright bass slapping sound, Danger Cakes combines the vintage style of Stray Cats with the feminine appeal and raw edge of Amy Winehouse.”

“What you have here is the unlikely "marriage" between Big Mama Thornton and No Doubt. If that concept doesn't excite you, then this is not the band for you. But if it jump starts your broomstick, then go man go!”

"Billy" - Cdbaby.com

“They have a sort of upbeat,pop-punk sound combined with psychobilly imagery and a early rock 'n' roll feel. While this sort of genre mixing makes it kind of hard to define which "scene" owns this band, they really bring it”

"Met Mavan - cdbaby.com

“Upright bass, smokey vocals, crunchy guitar. It's an addictive combo if you grew up on both punk rock and oldies radio.”

"monster kid - cdbaby.com

“A band of feisty pin-up psychobilly sirens tearing up dance floors in their home state of Texas and beyond.”

“See what happens with the punk scenes busty answer to Jayne Mansfield found the right mix of female fury!”

“Perhaps you haven’t heard of the music of the Danger Cakes. Well, they’re definitely worth checking out.”

“The fast rising local girl group Danger*Cakes was this years opening act. Many of my friends didn’t feel they had quite earned the spot yet. But the ladies waltzed onto stage with the swagger of a decades old touring group. Quickly blasting the drowsy crowd with their soul infused punkabilly! Suddenly our small group of half awake hipsters were in more of a partying mood! By the time fellow Austinites, the Pickled Punks hit the stage, there was a crowd that was rived up and ready to wreck! Texas sun be damned, this was a party! Our home town bands set a standard for the other bands to follow!”

“Danger*Cakes is an all-girl rockabilly group from Austin, Texas that takes the fashion and allure of the rockabilly scene to a whole new level of glamour. Describing themselves as a premier "Rock n' Roll Orchestra," the girls of Danger*Cakes are already starting the make waves across blogs and music publications committed to identifying the best of the best on the rockabilly scene today. Unlike many bands these days who strive for some obscure semblance of originality, Danger*Cakes avoids these pretensions by literally reviving the red hot days of rockabilly, with blaring horns, drums, a double bass and a sense of style that'll immediately transport audiences back to the heyday of the genre.”