Dangerbaby / Press

“LOVING Forced Poetry from the first sound - your guitar is so perfect - you can hear every note in each strum clear as day.”

“Very beautiful and soul touching vocals and lyrics. Sweet emotional painting of sounds on Little Soldier.”

“All Thats Ours...really rocks my socks off....but smoothly. I hardly felt them go.”

“There's few artists as deep and meaningful as Luke and Dangerbaby. Listen to Little Soldier and you'll see why.”

“Your harmonies melted my face & heart into a mushy puddle on the floor...but my ears are intact and rejoicing.”

“Your lyrics are intricate and interesting, and fit the music beautifully”

“Cuckoo is deadly!”

“Phenomenal melodies, vocals....perfectly timed breaks and guitar riffs that will leave even the most seasoned pro a bit shocked at the combined gentility and ferocity with which the 6 string is wielded.”

“(Cuckoo is) a perfect balance of aggressive and soft with a nostalgic sound of alternative music I loved having on heavy rotation in the mid to late 90's”

“Lovely voices, catchy tunes, nice lyrics... the kind of passion that seeps through every melody. In short, Dangerbaby is utterly and totally rad, and definitely a band to keep an eye on.”

“Dangerbaby has a sound that is infectious. Guaranteed you won't shut them off and you'll be telling friends about them. Why? Because you don't keep good stuff from your friends. A really pleasant surprise.”