Curse the Son / Press

“Curse The Son play excellent stripped back Stoner/Doom Metal Music. Taking influence from bands past and present. Mainly Black Sabbath and other superb bands of the genre. They have released their superb new album “Klonopain”. A 7 song 48 minute epic blast of Stoner/Sludge/Doom Metal goodness. So if you’re a fan of Black Sabbath then this album is for you. As they are a main influence on this superb album. But the guys do add modern Stoner-Metal/Grunge Rock Riffs here and there to spice things up a bit. Production is superb. Everything is played loudly and clearly. These guys do let their music do the talking especially on the 12 minute epic title track “Klonopain”. Quite simply a brilliant track, which shows what, these guys do so well. Playing epic riff after epic riff, which will have you begging for more. If these guys were around in the 70’s then they would have ruled the scene along with the other great Doom/Stoner Metal bands of the time. They are that great.”

“Comprised of two-thirds of the now-defunct stoner outfit Sufferghost, Hamden, Connecticut riffers Curse the Son emerge with the first full-length since their 2007 inception, the self-released Klonopain. It’s an album almost entirely unabashed in its influences, proudly flying the backpatches of Sabbath, Sleep, Trouble and Goatsnake in its seven component tracks, the vocals of guitarist Ron Vanacore fitting right in line with the heavier end of slow stoner/doom rock. (continued)>>”

“Curse the Son Interview w/The Obelisk”