CRY HAVOC! / Press

"...all the intensity I love about punk rock. The verses remind me a lot of Ruiner mixed with some street punk in the vein of Cock Sparrer, but then there's the breakdown that reminds me a lot of Dead Kennedys... aggressive and violent, and straight to the bone."

"...Hardcore to most people today means a watered-down, over-thought, over-popped version of hardcore punk, closer to metalcore, mixed with heavy metal, but bereft of any actual punk energy. This band is hardcore punk without frosting, 100% undiluted, and without apology."

Peter L. Munn - FACEBOOK

"This song reminds me of something that Black Flag or Teen Idles would have done. I've been listening to punk rock for a few years now and from a punk rocker's listening perspective then it's cool. It's fast, it's angry, it's punk rock."

"Quick, fast hard core, screaming fun. I wish I could listen to this song while snow or skate boarding. I'd probably get spastic and break and ankle but I wouldn't care..."