Crucifyed / Press

“Past Tensions - Crucifyed [ ***** ] The master behind Haunt literally uses his side projects name and crucifies the mainstream with this 10 track scorcher. Every track a perfect mixture of Doom/Sludge/Grunge/Black/Thrash/Ambient, an absolute ecstasy of instrumental tightness and craftsmanship in every song. You want genre breaking? This is fucking WWIII. The Demons Persist is an absolute mastery of head- banging riffs, melodic solos, superior drumming and aggressive clean vocals. This track is followed perfectly with a chilling ballad, chalked full of melancholy and sorrowful vocals properly named,"In Damnation." All tracks display musical passion and a true expertise of song writing, an emotional roller coaster of sadness to absolutely pissed right off. Both horns held high to this severely underrated band. Hodr”

Hodr Vanorden - Lurid Reign