Cross the Divide / Press

“...some bands keep plugging away, they relentlessly work and grind in the local scene until they get their break. Go to a multi band local show sometime and sit back and really pay attention. You get the narcissistic lead singer with an ego bigger than Montana, but no talent to match. You also will see the band that’s very happy playing half-assed renditions of everybody else’s music. But every now and then, you see a band that you know has “something”. You can see it, hear it and even feel the vibes. I’ve seen CROSS THE DIVIDE a number of times over the past year or so. This local trio has “something”…besides the required work ethic, dedication and talent. They’ve even carved their own little niche, their own subgenre—“Storm Rock”.”

“Saw you guys open for Scott stapp last night, you were amazing! def have to go to another show soon”

“Awesome track by @CrosstheDivide - "The Perfect Storm" Love the bass solo, great song!!”


“Cross The Divide works very hard promoting, and appreciates every bit of support they receive. They are a great addition to the Boston Rock Radio daily rotation. Recently, Wayne had the chance to see Cross The Divide perform with Leaving Eden and Diamond Edge at a local venue. Their intense sound and songs will make fans want to attend their shows to see them in person and see what they’re about. They have a great presence on stage and had no problem getting the fans rocking to their songs. Cross The Divide is a definite band to watch out for and I look forward to seeing them perform again. If you have a chance to see them perform...check them out. You won’t be disappointed!!”

“i like you guys ten second to midnight”

“Amazing Song By Cross The Divide - - (Referring to "Ten Seconds to Midnight)”

"If there’s a band anywhere out there to take note of—a band that makes it happen [...]—then CTD is it."

“@CrosstheDivide just listened to Ten Seconds to Midnight. Great song!! Keep it rockin' !!”

“@CrosstheDivide oh snap... Your voice. Didn't expect that lol. I'm impressed!!”

“@CrosstheDivide Great Sound Guys! Good luck to you all in the battle...You're going to be Awesome!”

"I love [the music], it's amazing!"

"[Cross the Divide] provides a real show onstage, as well, mixing serious entertainment with the message that they bring."

"...the Night Before the Fourth event took place at the Rochester Fairgrounds in New Hampshire. Cross the Divide played a set that the crowd ate up, including a never-heard-before song called “In the Shadow.” Whole families rocked out, dancing, singing and cheering with every song, and only growing more enthusiastic as the night wore on..."