"Everything about the Crosson brand reeks of slick, well-heeled PROFESSIONALISM... making the whole thing an enjoyable listen – and at the end of the day ain’t that what this kinda music’s all about? Good timez, great songz, all aboard the Crosson bandwagon NOW!!

"..There’s plenty to interest you here, and mainly that’s Crosson’s knack of writing a catchy tune .. which positively busts into your ears. ..... shows all the signs of a band that knows how they want to rock and one which has every chance of converting the masses

"Smacking you right between the eyes with a huge theatrical sound from the off, Crosson are big on the power of rock. Big harmonies, big vocals and an infectious passion for the music. It's an 80's melodic rock throwback and its addictive stuff... great for those who love a bit of fun and theatrics in their rock"

" If you like the of idea of KISS and Motley Crue crossed with The Darkness and Steel Panther, you're gonna love CROSSON....... this EP is a delight, full of catchy, infectious, anthemic, sing-it shout-it rock tunes”

".... one hell of an infectious EP. But not to worry, all you will catch from this CD is an addiction to the music!! .....Think Sex Pistols merged with The Darkness and you're only about half way there.... this should be on everyone's "guilty pleasure" list."

"... mixed by Duane Baron (Motley Crue, Poison, Ozzy) is a splendid mix of Alice Cooper esque hard rock - circa "Hey Stoopid" and The Sisters Of Mercy gone AOR... I thoroughly enjoyed it. "

"They'll bring you the joys of Steel Panther and Kiss for sure....Toxic decadence!! "