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“I have been a fan of CRAWL for quite a while now as they do something different with their style of music. CRAWL mix Southern Metal with elements of Doom, Sludge, Stoner and Drone for one heavy as fuck experience. They have released a demo, an EP and split EP with Black Tar Prophet over the years, but it's now time for CRAWL to announce their arrival to the world with their debut album. Old Wood and Broken Dreams is a stunning and heavy as hell experience that will have you begging for more. Old Wood and Broken Dreams is one of those debut albums that doesn't come around often. Mainly an album that you know is something special from the very first listen. It's a spellbinding and almost violent experience packed full of dark moments that will beat you into submission....Old Wood and Broken Dreams is an album that will pulverize some listeners. It's a complex, brutal, scary and heavy as hell album that I can't wait to experience again. Nigredo is an incredible album on every level.”

“I can surmise that this band has a serious split personality disorder. From the southern sludge/doom of the demo, to the hopeless wrist slashing madness of their cut on The Will to Fail, every stage of their development is quite different from the preceding phase. The 18+ minutes of heavy, distorted guitar mantras heard on “Rise, Feast,” sounds nothing like the band I’ve been listening to for the past couple of weeks. This is the rat-infested basement version of Ash Ra Tempel’s Inventions for Electric Guitar, and really a hat tip to guitarist/vocalist Eric Crowe’s past horror-tinged, mostly solo project Fulci. While I can play the other stuff from Crawl I’ve heard over and over, this piece is for select moods; 4 a.m., lights out, all night bender…yeah, in that kind of state this cut did a good job of sinking in and inducing paranoia.”

“Crawl; a new trio that pounds out a living somewhere between the depression baked swing of Noothgrush, and the depression baked pure fucking hatred of Grief circa Come to Grief and Miserably Ever After. A vaguely southern, Sabbath-y nerve twitch permeates the feedback and lonely chords of the tune’s intro, running ramshackle into the sparse tom drum beatings, hung on a meathook screams, and descending sludge grooves of the 2nd half. They do a lot with a little, and should be an instant earfuck orgy for worshippers of bare bones, blue collar hate sludge. The melancholic, wah-drenched guitar leads are so down on their luck that they’ve got the brass to steal a poor man’s Old English sipper right out of the paper bag he was drinking it from. This makes the gutter look like the Chateau De Chambord.”

“Georgian sludge/doom despots, Crawl feature the return of prolific and influential sludge/grind legend Eric Crowe on guitar/vocals. Mr. Crowe has cut his teeth across a long list of bands that I’ve enjoyed over the years; Molehill, Hog Mountin, Social Infestation, Puaka Balava, and Fulci just to nail a few of the big ones. The Will to Fail comp turned me onto his new project Crawl, and I duly had them labeled as hate-mongers following the fungal trail left behind by dirty mold doomers Noothgrush, Grief, and Burning Witch with the tiniest pinch of southern sludge rounding out their sound. That's a good chunk of ground to occupy, so there weren't any complaints outta this asshole! ...They’re a working man’s sludge band who write killer doom-y blues, and seal it up with that authentic, Deep South hickory smoke; simple, solid, sludgy, and suicidal.”

“Eric Crowe is a name that’s haunted the sludge, grind, and doom backwoods for many years now. Both a frothing at the mouth vocalist, and a riff ripping guitarist, Eric has been in a number of mythical bands over the course of many years and has never strayed from his artistic vision. He’s played with Mastodon’s Troy Sanders in sludge/grinders Social Infestation and Puaka Balava, worked on his solo drone mastery with Fulci, served stints in seminal dinosaur bone sludgers Hog Mountin and Molehill… The man has been around the underground about three times over in one lifetime. Mr. Crowe hasn’t let time stop his mission; he’s back with perhaps his doomiest project yet, Crawl. These Georgian sludge mongers (a trio) have been steadily amassing a resume of releases, so I thought Hellride should sit down for a Q & A session about this latest descent into riff-rock madness.”

“Like a multi-headed monster, in this split Crawl is going to show another face and other skills, the latter likely influenced by one of the bands where Eric Crowe militates, the drone-doom metal band Fulci. Hence “Rise Feast”, the over 18-minutes long suite provided by Crawl, is a slow, viscous, painful vortex of plodding mind-numbing heaviness, a sequence of slow-paced monolithic riffs able to almost extinguish any physical and inner light, like hearing Horse Latitude jamming with SunnO))). If Crawl’s style in the demo had been depicted as “destructo-sludge” in some webzines, well, be aware that in this split Crawl is going to entertain you with their “destructo-drone”!”

“There have been a few bands called Crawl over the years, but this one formed in Atlanta, in spring 2012. Most of what I hear coming out of Georgia nowadays is rather fuzzy and stonery; it’s clear these guys draw from SOME of the same influences as their fellow statesmen, but they also incorporate some darker elements of west coast doom and the weightiness of gulf coast sludge, for an amalgam that’s definitely worth checking out... ...“Freedom at Dawn” is the track that most caught my attention — starting out with an up-tempo, punky, crossover-thrash sort of vibe in the drums, the band suddenly switches to a bass-heavy sludgefest, and then back. Never did I think a single song could remind me so much of Broken Bones and Crowbar, but to make the transition so seamlessly!”

“Crawl, a three piece band from Atlanta GA, they opened up with a sample over the PA system then they came on hard and strong. The singer opened his mouth into a raspy grinding scream and we were off again with a very mobile bass player and animated group of guys in general.”

“CRAWL is more insidious than straight and raw, more into bulldozing sub frequencies that can leave corporal damages to non initiated people ! A strange and droning mix of influences ranging from Neurosis to The Melvins... This is a nice song but I'm surprised that this is a long instrumental and sounds very different from their demo stuff which had a great southern tone with filthy vocals and pure sludge crudeness, amazingly mixed all together with short and striking songs (Buzzov*en being then another clear influence...). That's a bit disconcerting to wonder if this is the same band that you're listening to between their demo and this new song !”

“Crawl are newcomers from Atlanta, GA. And when I say "new" I mean they've been in other bands, but they just played their first show at the end of November. You wouldn't know it from their playing though, as these guys kick ass. Sonically, they hit you like a vat of warm gravy. Their sound oozes over you and you love every goopy minute of it. Eric Crowe's guitar sounds like chewing gravel, and Tyler's bass playing is the asphalt chaser, all while keeping the molasses-choked groove alive.”

“The first demo, released in October, was a promising appetizer of Southern sludge displaying a palpable Buzzov*en influence, but for this release they show us quite another side. The 18-minute “Rise. Feast.” is a bleak drone doom ritual aimed more at Sunn O))) worshippers. It’s a gutsy move for a new band, as such a minimalist style can be hard to pull off engagingly, but the bet pays off.”

“...think Weedeater having a whiskey and crack evening with Tony Iommi and you’re not even close! Slow and enjoyably fast in the same song, they have really come together on this release, a notable progression since their initial forays.... ...This eponymous slab of doom is buzzing with low frequency mischief and it shoots right up to the higher reaches of Rip It Up’s releases of the year... ...There are, it has to be said, far too many bands out there unwilling to get a bit of dirt under their fingernails, and frankly this is the aural equivalent of an evening of the strongest pale ale and the hottest curry you can imagine – searingly good stuff, boys. Play this loud, right now!”

“Crawl: Solid Southern Sludge A recent discovery has been a band that hails from Douglasville, Georgia and who go by the name of Crawl. Only formed this spring, the band comprises Eric Crowe on guitar[of FULCI and ex-Social Infestation, Molehill & Hog Mountin], John Holloway on bass [Of Legend] and Tommy Butler on drums. This three-piece like to play heavy, downtuned southern rock with gusto. Not yet in possession of any releases, you’ll have to check out these two tracks from Soundcloud and make your own mind up, but early signs sound promising.”