Johnny Crawford / Press

“With Crawford as leader/vocalist, the Johnny Crawford Dance Orchestra painstakingly seeks to perform music of that elegant bygone era, paying careful attention to the performance practices of the time. A fixture at Hollywood celebrity parties and entertainment industry functions, this is the group’s first album. Crawford’s carefree crooning style at times suggests Rudy Vallee, but upon closer listening, he is actually more reminiscent of a young Bing Crosby in his early jazz days... Particularly memorable is the title track, Sam Coslow’s “Sweepin’ the Clouds Away”... The overall effect of this extraordinarily optimistic old-time party album is like hearing a collection of vintage 78s brought to life—quite an impressive feat. ”

“The ADG (Art Directors Guild) Awards is sort of like childbirth--afterwards you remember the good parts. An edited version of this show (complete with accompaniment by Astaire-inspired Johnny Crawford and his Orchestra) would make it one of Hollywood's best.”

“The 32nd annual Playboy Jazz Festival season kicked off with a free concert in Beverly Hills featuring the Johnny Crawford Orchestra... As the band began to swing, Crawford switched from focused conductor to crooner, with a smooth vocal style featuring a fast vibrato... Crawford sang and danced with grace and humor... The program swung into high gear with one of the show’s highlights when the full brass section danced along with Crawford’s spirited vocal delivery on George and Ira Gershwin’s “They All Laughed.” Appropriately enough, the performance closed with Irving Berlin’s “Isn’t This A Lovely Day,” as Crawford humorously twirled an umbrella, singing to the gleeful sun soaked audience. Even when he forgot the lyrics and began scatting, his enthusiastic dance steps enlivened every vocal nuance, every beat of the orchestra’s ballroom swing. It was the perfect climax to this opening, free community concert of the 32nd annual Playboy Jazz Festival.”