Crash The Satellites / Press

“Crash The Satellite’s self-titled debut, due for release on May 7 from Spectra Records, is a convincing synthesis of modern indie rock sensibilities. The album is energetic and brimming over with commitment. While much of the music alludes to pop influences with its jangling chords and often strong vocals, there is a subtle undercurrent of danger running under the music, an almost “punk rock” sense of exhilaration heard in the banks of distorted guitar bursting from each song...”City of Sleep” is, unquestionably, the highlight of the album’s first half. An exceptionally well-written track, the singing delivers this hard-won tale with a plaintive, aching vocal...The album’s final song, “Frankie”, captures some of that punk rock spirit mentioned in the first paragraph and it enriches the band’s performance immeasurably. Songs like this embody the band’s ability to easily shift gears and offer the listener a variety of moods, textures, and points of view.”

"To be present at a Crash the Satellites show is to be reminded of what rock music can be...the iincredible energy CTS funnels into songwriting and performing takes an audience by surprise and holds them captive. Whatever your taste in music, if you want to be reminded of the real potency of rock music, you owe it to yourself to see Crash the Satellites play live."

"Heavier, darker and more soulful than its predecessor, the forceful album evokes the sound of 1990s indie bands such as Guided By Voices, Pavement, Swervedriver and Built to Spill...With a rock music foundation throughout, crashing guitars and appealing melodies make it an accessible and satisfying listen.

“Defying definitions of tonality and indulging new opportunities, Crash the Satellites has undeniable potential to break through to the next level...Paul Paxton's post-modern rhythms exude an intimate and soulful live performance.”

"Enter Crash The Satellites. These guys masterfully turn up the volume without sacrificing the melody or the beauty of the song. And the best part is they don't need any gimmicks to keep your attention. Just good music that you didn't know you were missing."

"This is the next band to be genuinely excited about. And that’s right, bitch, they’re from Florida."

“Overall the latest CD from “Crash the Satellites” is a consistent rock solid release. Indeed this band has proven themselves as real contenders with a Gold Standard release and they show much in the way of promise with extreme potential this Summer. At the end of the day – they are a just a fun band to listen to, hang out with or check out live. This release clearly proves where there is smoke - there is fire.”

“Like any type of musical style, a lot of the originality seems to have been sucked out of indie rock and alternative rock. So much of it sounds the same. Well, Crash the Satellites seem to have made a goal of changing that trend. Nothing here really sounds like any other act. Yet, it all seems to work together nicely. Whether they are rocking it out in an attempt to get you to your feet, or laying down the melodic tones to let the lyrical subtleties really stand out, they manage to keep it original and entertaining...It’s highly recommended.”