Cornmeal / Press

"So what we have is an incredibly intelligent and referential album from Cornmeal" "It seems that with this release... Cornmeal is poised once again to dominate the Midwest music scene"

Nicholas Stock - Music Mauraders

“To sum it all up, it’s balls out bluegrass which makes Slow Street such a welcome return." Longtime fans can affirm the group’s prowess while newcomers may scratch their heads and wonder why they hadn’t taken notice well before now. " "when it comes to making their music, Cornmeal possess all the necessary additives."”

Lee Zimmerman - Glide Magazine

“With each of the album’s ten tracks, Cornmeal flexes their collective roots with a blend of maturity and sophistication. Slow Street is something special- it manages to bridge the sounds of old with a modern twist. This resurrection of Americana has staying power, capable of captivating whether on first listen or fortieth.”

Live for Live Music

"...is proof divine that Cornmeal has weathered significant personnel changes only to rediscover its roots and harness new inspiration. Never has the band sounded quite so full of vim and vigor." "Taken as a whole, Slow Street offers Cornmeal fans the perfect marriage of the band’s energetic live shows with their most inspired studio endeavor to date."

Kind Web

"Most remarkable is that Gangi and Burlingame have reassembled the band with truly worthy inheritors and have birthed a new era of Cornmeal music. The current lineup of Cornmeal has evolved into greater lyrical depth. This return to the roots is developing the music toward a level of sophistication vaster than ever before."

Grateful Web

“With all five members furiously jamming on their instruments, the harmonies intertwined in a roaring cascade of electric jamgrass. Each song stretched from a steady lead-in to an explosion of frantic dialogues between banjo, guitar, fiddle, drums and string bass.”

The Indypendent

“An acoustic-electric quintet, Cornmeal is cross-genre bluegrass, dippin' into improvisational rock, newgrass and folk that's routinely accented with show-stealing fiddle.”

Creative Loafing

“Cornmeal is more than bluegrass. Think of them as a 21st Century ode to what was (finger-picking hoe downs) and what could be (futuristic, high-speed jam grass)”


“If there's one thing to be said about Cornmeal it's that they are consistent. They give their all every time they play, which, when combined with their equally tenacious approach to the art of creating live music, continues to make them an act to watch out for.”