CorePreme The Rapper / Press

"I have worked the best Rappers in Hip Hop and you are just as good as Jay-z, Kanye West or any of these guys in the industry."

Rudy Perez

“The last Rapper to put it down like CorePreme was Makaveli the Don.... Core is a living legend.”

Cynthia Janniere

“He really believes he can change the world. And I'm starting to believe it as well.”

Montell Williams

“Listening to CorePreme's music is like sitting down to watch a good action movie. It's that visual, that hard hitting...and that good. Nice job. ”

Jeff Wirtzfeld

“Get em Core! You are definitely repping for your borough. Love your voice and your versatility. ”


“Great lyrics ! Here in Brazil we have a big social distortion. Your poetry works perfectly with our reality. Keep on Rocking! ”


“CorePreme is the nicest Rapper on Staten Island...hands down!”

Dj Megaton

“The kid is a hit without a hit record on the billboards. It's only a matter of time”

USA Today

“Core is the only artist I know who can get away with the diverse types of songs he records.”

Jerard Paris

“CorePreme is the hottest artist on Staten Island and soon the world will know it.”

Staten Island Advance

“CorePreme is holding it down. Believe me when I tell you.”


"The cat is defiantly fire. Is he signed?"

Rick Ross

" Intelligent, passionate, positive...some of the best indie Hip Hop I've heard in a long time."

Rainstation Zero

“CorePreme reminds me of the good ole days of Hip hop with artists like Naughty By Nature, Will Smith, Ice Cube, LL Cool J, Public Enemy and others from the 90's, not the crap (sorry don't mean to offend anyone) the stuff out now! Keep rocking. With sounds like yours you're surely going to make it to the top!”

Alan Page

" From one Hip Hop Rapper to another i tell u ur music is crack. its that Hip Hop with no boundaries or chains its that raw Hip Hop that comes from the heart, that u do cause u love to express ur self to music."


"Your music is the shit man! i can relate to your lifestyle, i showed my friend she was like damn Eminem quality,"


"You're a gifted lyricist, your beats are dope, and you pack an old school feel while maintaining a hard, New York style swagga."


"CorePreme is a genuine Hip Hop artist who is controversial and magnetic. "

Willie Perez Feria(WillyPopProductions)