Coo Coo Birds / Press

“Hold Onto Your Girlfriends, the Coo Coo Birds Have Arrived. The Coo Coo Birds embody timeless rock ‘n’ roll attitude, with their era-spanning sound drawing from garage, psychedelic, and 50′s rock, all created in the old convent in San Francisco where the band resides. Band Name: Coo Coo Birds Hometown: San Francisco Born Date: Jan 2012 Sounds Like: Boiler Pot Rock n’ Roll at its best. The 1950′s got a new skate board, then fell off when 1967 tripped him. Then 1977 came along and beat them both up for it, and all three were arrested by Officer 2012. Fun Fact: The band lives in an ex-Convent turned artist community, and derives much of their inspiration from this unique SF scene. Most Memorable Show: “Memory,” among other things, is one of the entities most often lost at Coo Coo Bird shows; along with innocence and boyfriends. The band is unable to comment at this time. When not making music, find them at: The club they just played at, trying to re-locate their equi”