Combo 512 / Press

“....Dillon plays both original music and cover tunes. He describes his music as, "R&B, hip-hop and dance-oriented, funky stuff." The full-time musician will be reuniting with the same band he played with eight or nine years ago at the Sarah Street Grill gig. "It's going to be a little reunion," Dillon said. "We'll be doing cover stuff." Since leaving the Poconos, Dillon has lived in California and Texas. While in California, he attended the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles in the early '90s. He stayed in Los Angeles for about six years playing music. He then moved to Texas, where he lives now, and is still playing music..... And while Dillon has performed all over the world in such places as Brazil, Canada and different states in the United States, Dillon is especially excited to be performing in his hometown once again.”