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“Future soul, anyone? Electronic blues? Neo-funkedelic? Whatever label you feel compelled to slap on this sleek, laid-back EP by singer, songwriter and producer Colonel Red, it’s certainly an inviting, hypnotically groovesome proposition. Inspiring comparisons with d’Angelo’s more woozy offerings, the three tracks on this EP occupy an introspective, somewhat anaesthetised space, from the bubbling, loosely multi-tracked funk of “Spaceface”, with its echoing organ fills, to the guitar-assisted slouch of “Sleepers”, whose spoken word intro and trip hop-esque backing evoke Maxi Jazz jamming with Portishead, albeit with more attitude and less doom’n’gloom. These first two tracks are both on a mid-tempo tip, but closer “Soulridin” is more leisurely and low-slung, a mist of echoing wah-wah and what sounds like slap bass slowed down to give it the consistency of whale burp. Throughout the EP, Colonel Red’s voice is effortlessly soulful, sliding smoothly from a cracked c”

“Walking with Colonel Red Submitted by admin-goodnws on Wed, 08/17/2011 - 05:51 Tokyo Dawn Record consitently offered fine music in sound of soul, funk, jazz and beyond. We love to share the latest installment from TDR Colonel Red "Keep Walking" Hail from London, Colonel Red influenced by the sound of soul and funk with legendary soul legends such as Earth Wind & Fire, Teddy Pendergrass, Anita Baker, Lenny White, Tony Allen and The Last Poets as his influence. He decided to make a departure from the electronic studio sounds of his earlier productions and turn back to his musical roots. The CD will be available on September 9th but you can get the mp3 format HERE <<<< For more information about Colonel Red follow his twitter. Enjoy one of the tunes and yes this is what we need. More soulful music in our life!!!!!! Colonel Red - I'm Colonel Red * * * News * Colonel Red * Keep Walking * New Release * Tokyo Dawn Record ”

“New Release: Colonel Red – ‘Keep Walkin’ August 10th, 2011 Share49 London based Colonel Red has just released Keep Walkin on Tokyo Dawn Records and it’s sounding pretty awesome, folks. Taking a departure from the electronic sounds of his earlier work, this album is jazzy, soulful, and funky. Red’s voice holds a soothing, entrancing quality which just glides you through each song. The mixture of moods and grooves is also appreciated. Take a listen below and hear for yourself! ”

“LP: Colonel Red – “Keep Walkin” (Album Preview) 0 Posted In New Music,Stream by Speeakz Ahead of it’s September 9th physical release the good folks over at Toyko Dawn Records have offered up a preview stream of Colonel Red’s new album Keep Walkin’. Deep rooted in (neo)Soul, Jazz and Funk – this album is sure to satisfy most connoisseurs, especially those partial to little D’Angelo, Badu, Saadiq etc. Red’s voice is beautifully toned, technically fantastic. His melodies and harmonies are excellently structured and sonically superb – the music which accompanies him (soulful piano & guitar sections, funky horns etc) is neoteric but still familiar and welcoming. Keep Walkin’ is digitally available now.”