Cody Slane / Press

“While I initially got a call from Edge DJ and former Homegroan host Drew McKenna about the event, once things got rolling, Mary Ellen Slape (of The Hunt Club) and Cody Slane took the reins and helped organize the benefit concert in just under two weeks, securing the location, and putting together a lineup of local bands to make it worth getting out on Friday night to catch some cool tunes and help your fellow Oklahomans in need. Once the details were worked out, Tulsa Gives Moore shaped up with a roster that includes a variety of bands and in-and-out privileges so you can check in at the local clubs and come back for the bands you want to see.”

Urban Tulsa Weekly

"Acoustic Accoutrements. Returning to the Hunt Club, 224 N. Main St., with a solo acoustics show, Cody Slane mixes both covers and original works. It'll be a soulful meeting and a funky good time."