Codependents / Press

“Codependents have been a group on my radar for a while. I’ve caught two of their shows over the past year, and am addicted to their high energy performances. While on stage, these cats don’t quit! I love the diversity within the group, with each artist having not only a different style, but background as well. The group is composed of Shadow Devereaux, Justin Evans, Roman Firestone, and Keenan Nerby. While founded on the Salish Kootenai Pend o’ Rielle reservation, they are local to Missoula. Their sound makes me think of Eyedea & Abilities and Atmosphere, and with some pretty sick instrumentals thrown in. I didn’t have a chance to speak with them after the show, but I know they’ve got love for their art. I had mad respect when they called out a member of the crowd for “being a dick” and allegedly heckling various musicians. Needless to say, he was ousted, and no longer welcome at the show.”