Cocoa Sarai / Press

“Unsigned hype Cocoa Sarai is one of NYC’s underground gems. R&B is her flavor but her sound is heavily seasoned in Hip Hop.”

“Staying true to what brought her to the dance; her passion filled voice with more strength than one can think could fit in her tiny body, along with the classic essence of R&B. Cocoa Sarai remains relevant and filled with pure talent. She has long embodied what’s missing in her style and brand of music. As long as she’s still pumping them out, we will all continue to listen.”

“Cocoa Sarai makes her way back in the studio and leaves with a new track called, “Blow Me“,”

“Cocoa Sarai is now armed and ready to take on the music scene once again!”

“Cocoa Sarai is well on her way to being one of R&B’s best new singers Read more: kempiredaily.com/new-music-cocoa-sarai-blow-me | KempireDaily.com (@KempireDaily)”

“I came across this amazing artist, Cocoa Sarai – and her new track, “Blow Me” once I heard her track, it completely blew me away!”

“There's a new girl in town and by the sounds of her new album, The Black & White, Cocoa Sarai won't be forgotten anytime soon. Miss Cocoa has a Bed Stuy attitude and the beauty of a goddess.”

“Fans of innovative R&B won’t want to miss the rest of the fresh material on the artist’s latest full-length, The Black & White,”

“I'm happy to say that my subsequent foray into her musical stylings has been awesome; this lady is truly about her work, and she can really SANG!”

“Cocoa Sarai is a pint-sized soul singer with a voice bigger than life”

" You see, to know Cocoa is to experience Cocoa is to fall madly in love with Cocoa. From the in-your-face intro, "The Black & White", to the power ballad "Live" at the album's close, Cocoa Sarai masterfully displays her fantastic songwriting abilities and jaw dropping vocal ability. Her tone and timbre will give you goosebumps.

“a natural heartfelt talent by the name of Cocoa Sarai. With amazing vocals and expressive lyrics, Cocoa is sure to grab your attention with emotional undertones in tow. This is one of the best albums from an unsigned artist this year in our book”

“ What makes her so special and appealing is her ability to understand, what listeners need to hear, without conforming to a generic sound, it is still very raw and unique,”

“. Headliner, Cocoa Sarai quickly crushed any early exit thoughts an antsy audience member might have with her electric entrance. With colossal vocals for such a petite frame, Cocoa belted out pop-soul track, “Raining In My Room” from her anticipated project, The BLACK AND WHITE.”

“Most people call it R&B some call it soul, some call it pop. I call it Cocoa lol. Its Soul dipped in chocolate”

“Cocoa Sarai: Soulful,Edgy,ILL,& AMAZING”

“I’m recording 40 songs and I’m picking nine. I really want this to be classic.”

“reby declare Cocoa Sarai the Queen of Indie R&B. That is, until she gets a record deal. Then she'll be the heir to the throne. You can decide for yourself who's sitting on it now? Mary J. Blige? Alicia Keys? Chrisette Michele? It doesn't really matter because Cocoa is different from them, or anyone else for that matter. She's got her own thing.”

“The Bed-Stuy born pop-soul singer/songwriter has the drive of a luxury car and shows no sign of slowing up, but instead flips life’s adversity the bird. And as for that blossoming career? She’s ready for whatever’s in store.”

“Her undeniable vocal talent, amazing songwriting abilities and lyrical prowess, makes Cocoa Sarai a force to be reckon with. With her refreshing sound, raw talent and energetic & magnetic stage presence, Cocoa Sarai is paving her own way to success.””

“Download “Half Past 7″ if you haven’t done so already… My favorites are “Camera’s On,” “Up Against the Wall,” “Playing In Ya Hair” and “Complicated.” Cocoa Sarai is a solid singer holding her own in an industry full of pretty faces and mediocre/sub-par talent. I expect nothing but greatness from this young lady!”

“I’m so proud of Cocoa Sarai’s journey, and I wish I could’ve been at MSG to witness this, but I’ll let the video tell the story. Congrats!”

“Singer-Recording Artist Cocoa Sarai on the set of her new music video wearing GB!! The girl can sing!”

“You’d never think that big voice would come out of a 5′ frame, but despite her tiny size, she cannot be overlooked.”

“Brooklyn-born beauty Cocoa Sarai captivated us from the start. Her dazzling smile, raspy voice and tremendous talent made her the natural choice to perform at one of our signature Honey HiveSpot listening sessions in New York City. That’s when we realized that she she’s not just a gifted entertainer, but a determined artist who has overcome family drama and industry politics to achieve her dream.”

“LexAve of Str8NYC.com presented Zunnania Designs to a room full of 200 ppl at Gallery Bar in NYC. Str8NYC.com also presented BK born and raised artist CoCoa Sarai, where she took the stage and put on a helluva performance.”

“The singer put on quite the show, belting out her tunes while dancing on the floor and on a male bystander. She was joined on stage by DJ Superfox and Grey Matter.-”

“Brooklyn native Cocoa Sarai possesses raw talent and energy that can be felt way beyond the stage. After a stellar performance on BET's 106 and Park, it certainly solidified her dominant stage presence. The more one learns about Cocoa, it's easy to see that she eats, sleeps, and breathes her craft.”

“Cocoa Sarai is a solid singer holding her own in an industry full of pretty faces and mediocre/sub-par talent. I expect nothing but greatness from this young lady!”

“Str8NYC wants to formally introduce you to a brand spanking new artist straighoutta Brooklyn, Cocoa Sarai. This BK native owns the stage when she performs…I mean if you ever get the chance to check out her out at one of many venues around NYC, trust you won’t be disappointed. We rarely co-sign new acts, but Cocoa Sarai is the real deal.”

“Why She's Dope: She is an amazing songwriter ”

"Sarai‘s soulful streets-scuffed pipes may remind you of a young Mary J., but there’s nothing retro about her sound. She’s backed by a mash up of electro-meets-hip-hop beats that favor hipness over hyper-production".