ClusterPluck / Press

“Homegrown Harmonies and Fresh Morning Melodies”

“FlatLand Rocks "New Music Sunday"”

“Ridin the Wave of Success”

"Home Away From Home" Clusterpluck is instead firmly within the “newgrass” sub-genre of bluegrass music, the fusion of old-time bluegrass with other genres such as pop, jazz and world music. In the past summer, they’ve performed around the Illinois festival circuit with big-name acts in their field such as Yonder Mountain String Band and Del McCoury.

"The first band of the night was a new bluegrass outfit from St. Louis known as ClusterPluck. The three piece played for about an hour and I enjoyed the little I was able to see, but was just getting there and getting settled in. I would definitely like to see these guys again" "Dirtfoot, The Shreveport, LA group came through town and played with St. Louis’ own Clusterpluck"

"ClusterPluck was the first band up on Thursday. Their set was Surprising refreshing despite the heat" "Water streamed against the banks of the river, as Clusterpluck started their first set of the weekend on the Main Stage" "they were excited to bring their style of upbeat, hillbilly, hippie music to the Bloom Heavy Event"