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“Clint Alphin has performed two concerts in our home and was just wonderful. His beautiful, clear, tenor voice, his very talented guitar work, and lovely original tunes and lyrics all work together to create a delightful evening. He is so entertaining: our guests enjoy his background stories, and his low-key wit and sense of humor. Most of all, Clint's voice can take my breath. He is such a talented singer/songwriter – country, Americana, gospel – with some James Taylor thrown into the mix. Don't miss the opportunity to have him at your next house concert. His star is just on the rise.”

Jacki and Tom Epperson, Durham, NC

“Clint Alphin was a great addition to our Inaugural Listening Room Festival. After his showcase, several of our hosts booked him on the spot and we are all looking forward to seeing him again. You don't need three tenors... you just need this one. ”

Fran Snyder, founder, Concerts In Your Home and Listening Room Festival

“He's got his own style and that's what really sets him apart.”

Bil VornDick, Grammy winning producer

“Clint Alphin writes and sings from the heart, always mindful of his rich southern roots.”

“Clint's voice stops me in my tracks when I hear it. That fresh, pure, magnetic sound pulls me in every time.”

“CLINT ALPHIN's a country boy with a folk heart. His full-length deut, "Effigy," comprises a dozen carefully crafted, sweet sounding songs delivered in a pleasing voice, particularly on " Angel On The Silver Screen," "Box With A Ribbon," and the title track. www.clintalphin.com”

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