City Dwelling Nature Seekers / Press

“The overall sense if of a band exploring traditional folk-rock sounds, but unwilling to paint itself into a corner with that palette. Instead, the group offers a broad landscape ripe for both exploration and reverie.”

“They're rootsy in an arty, rock and roll way, not a country hoedown one. Echoes of Wilco, the Silos, Avett Brothers, Jayhawks and early R.E.M. reverberate in their harmony-soaked, sumptuous songs.”

“There aren't many band names as descriptive as City Dwelling Nature Seekers, which formed close to Downtown, at Duquesne University, to pursue music with a pastoral sound, taking a cue from the likes of the Band, Whiskeytown and Neil Young.”

"They have great musical chemistry within their instrumentation so that their folk rock indie-esque tunes are certainly holding true to their name; picture a nature seeker travelling lost roads."

““These guys are recent Duquesne grads who have probably listened to tons of Whiskeytown, Gillian Welch and Son Volt. Easy, breezy sounding debut.””

““[City Dwelling Nature Seekers] holds down the alt-country end of indie rock, citing (and revealing) The Band as a key influence.””