Citadel / Press

“Wow, is this CD hot. The words are so meaningful and the music is just beautiful. You can hear all of the different instruments. And the tuba. Who would have thought of including a tuba. It's so cool. I love it.”

“...pleased & surprised when I listened to this CD. Song diversity, great singing & playing & words that don't insult those who think lyrics are important...Thanks Rejyna & Citadel, you all 'folk rock prog metal' better than anyone else!”

“Too good for words. This album shows what passion for music is about. Can't just read about it, get it yourself! You won't regret it. Rejyna/Citadel rocks!”

“Brilliant! I listen to D2 everyday. There's great song diversity. I find something new to enjoy with each listen. Rejyna's mix is rich!”

“ loved the CD!--keep up the great, artistic, work--a treasure--each time I play it I hear things I missed the other times__”

“I am so in awe of these powerful songs and lyrics as well as the incredible instrumental skills. This album is like nothing else that you've ever heard. Not to be missed!”

“...like trying a new kind of food & being pleasantly surprised...not the type of music I normally listen to but now it has become a favorite...so many different sounds to suit any mood & put you in a better one than before playing these amazing songs. Thanks for enhancing my musical repertoire!”

“dlb108 Fantastic album. Excellent writing and performing. Love to listen to it on my headphones so I can hear all the intricacies but it's also great to blast out loud.”

“AMAZING! we heard the whole CD on our exciting Trip to IOWA and we rocked out the whole time....GO CITADEL!”

“Your songs are wonderful. Great themes and images. Love the prog-rock links and references. Brings back memories (Yes etc). Great works!”

“Well, that is in turns or all at once: charming, delicate, unusual, powerful, and an utter delight! ”

“Got the cds today...Blown away...only listened once...while I was listening - I wished Chuck could hear this music because I just KNOW he would have dug it. Also impressed with your arranging with the synth guitar. It's just seamless with the archival tracks. Well done.”

“Got it within the last week and have given it a few listens this week. I dig it! Definitely a different feel than the last album. And can't believe you made all of those sounds with your guitar rig...very sweet.”

“There is no other band that can pull off this many styles on one release - none...”

“There is really only one way to listen to the kind of music that [Citadel] cook up…with HEADPHONES KRANKED to the TOP…I give this CD a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, & will be looking forward to anything else they want to send our way…. Read the full review @: http://zzaj.freehostia.com/zzaj93.htm”