Chuck Lee Bramlet / Press

“Deservedly compared with Tom Petty and George Harrison. The song "Justified" even has elements of Adam Schmitt and Crazy Horse. Bramlet's "alt-pop" songs - like "Midnight Sun" and "Dark Train" - are certainly catchy, and those unfamiliar with his work should seek it out.”

Erik Sorensen - Fufkin.com

“What a gem! This is rock 'n roll in the tradition of Tom Petty and John Fogerty.”

Anna McWillie - Editor - NoHo LA

“Chuck Bramlet 's elegant and raw emotional lyricism will hypnotise you. A primitive form of folk rock but an effective one, and overall in these times of computer driven music, a likely album to treasure for the future. Irresistibly introspective and of high acoustic and lyrical quality.”