Christopher Scum / Press

“By the time "50 Acres of Pain," the new acoustic album by Christopher Scum, cues up the last track, it feels like you've survived a long night of drunken debauchery and all of the emotional soul-searching, physical face-punching and crawling-on-the-floor, sobbing-uncontrollably sloppiness that comes along with it."Been Gone" is about the most tender track you'll find on "50 Acres of Pain," and it's a beautiful song -- but you have to pay the toll to get there through 13 tracks of darkness and brutality that are both wondrous and horrible to behold.”

“Scum, for those in the dark, is the East Tennessee equivalent of G.G. Allin, a guy who's known for punching himself in the face with brass knuckles while growling and howling over down-and-dirty Southern punk. His new album, however, may surprise a lot of people.It's still brutal, and if there's any insight to be gleaned from its journey through Scum's subconscious, it's this -- the man lives with pain on a daily basis. Whether it's his struggle to stay sober, his lifelong battle with depression, or memories of a childhood so rough he tried to hang himself when he was 7 ... the dude has lived with pain for so long that he uses it.”

Steve Wildsmiith - Maryville Times