Chris Mills / Press

"Chris Mills is the best songwriter we have in Gotham currently.....That said, whether the tracks date from 2011 or a decade previous, those compiled on Heavy Years: 2000-2010 are among some of the best songs you’ll hear. Ever."

““Underrated” is very often an inappropriately used word in reviews. Chris Mills however, is definitely underrated, for he too is some kind of musical genius, but you’d never know it from the paucity of critical approval, or indeed sales, that comes his way. The proof of said genius lies in the grooves, or whatever CDs have, of this Best Of set. All but two tracks are taken from his last four studio albums, and they show a mighty range and a fearsome lyrical talent. Every song would be a standout on lesser albums, whether it’s the power pop of “Atom Smashers” (which namedrops everyone from the Statue of Liberty to Emperor Tojo – which he deftly rhymes with Toto), the brass heavy “A Farewell to Arms”, or the epic “Signal/Noise”. Mills knows his pop, and marries great hooks and tunes to serious and thoughtful lyrics, as on the wonderful late night lament “Diamond” or the jagged and driving “All You Ever Do”.”

“Chris Mills.....should be a star, and would be if the world would wake up to his talents. He's an ideal example of a genuinely deserving musician, one possessing the hooks, instincts and sheer savvy to share the same stage with Springsteen, Mellencamp, Petty, or for that matter, any of the other populist icons the media has so freely embraced.”

“Interviews: Q&A: Chris Mills And Bird Of Youth's Beth Wawerna On Collaboration, Long-Simmering Songs And Ideas Of Brooklyn Tonight two Brooklyn-based acts, Chris Mills and Bird Of Youth, will celebrate the release of their new albums at the Rock Shop. Mills is commemorating the release of The Heavy Years: 2000-2010 (Ernest Jenning), which chronicles the past decade of his resplendent, Americana-tinged pop; Bird Of Youth, which began as the project of Beth Wawerna and blossomed into a band, will honor the release of Defender (Jagjaguwar), a sultry, harmony-rich record full of indelible hooks and whip-smart one-liners. Over oysters at Walter Foods, I spoke to Mills and Wawerna (who, full disclosure, are pals of mine) about their influences, what it's like to look back, and the idea that non-New Yorkers have of Brooklyn.”

“Over the last few years (Mills) has quietly assembled an immensely impressive catalogue. His songs are literate, funny and endearingly hangdog …..””

The Independant, UK

“His hidden elegance lies in the twist of lovesick metaphor, the wistful chord, the revisionist take on the slamming door. ”


“The Silver Line is a thoroughly confident declaration of independence from an artist finally, fully realizing his remarkable talents as a singer, songwriter and performer ”

No Depression

“‘Nightmare at 20,000 Feet’ is a gem of pop grandeur that showcases Mills’ emotional vocal delivery.” ”

Chicago Sun Times