Chris Eger Band / Press

"If you feel like you've been listening to way too much Pitchfork-endorsed music of late and need an ear enema, Chris Eger's brand of straightforward, bluesy rock will do the trick. "

Seattle Weekly

“Nobody wanted to go home as the Chris Eger Band closed out the festival Sunday night. Paparella said the mayor granted special permission for the music to continue an extra 20 minutes.”

"... it's the kind of honky-tonk album you could imagine listening to at the crowded neighborhood bar on a Saturday night .... There's plenty of warbly guitar solos, lyrics about good women with bad intentions and hooky chorusus ... they're almost too catchy for their own good."

Kirsten O'Brien - What's Up! Magazine

"The Chris Eger Band is an excellent live act that performs with energy and style. I recommend you check them out and get a copy of their CD quick because everywhere they play they sell out."

Malcolm Kennedy - Washington Blues Society

"[The Chris Eger Band] is one of our favorite bands ... I could definitely see them packing the dance floor to that at a local honky tonk."

Brad and John Morning Show - 92.9 KISM

"One of the hottest bands to come out of the Pacific [Northwest] in more than a decade."

Skagit Music Festival

"If you haven’t seen this band perform, you may want to make a point of seeing them before they head for bigger venues, which, no doubt, is their future."

Joanna Nesbit - Entertainment News Northwest