Chris Daniels & the Kings / Press

“Funky To The Bone..." delivers the goods throughout, there's enough Bay area grease dripping off these Colorado cats to make you think they couldn't be from Colorado. A stone killer good time for party people."”

“With Funky To The Bone, Daniels and Gowdy present R&B and Funk in the way that it was intended to be heard!”

"That is the great thing about blues...we ALL have awful stuff that happens to us...rich man - poor man - black man - white man - bad times and hard time come to us ALL.

“Chris Daniels has been a fixture on the Colorado music scene for four decades. That run nearly ended when he was diagnosed a couple years ago with leukemia. Daniels began chemo right away and he eventually had a bone marrow transplant from his sister that saved his life...and now he's going to be inducted into the Colorado Music Hall of Fame!”