Chris Chace / Press

“The technology looks groundbreaking…like a high tech video game. Who came up with the concept behind it? I know! When I finally saw it for the first time, I didn’t even know what I was looking at! The tech is called the “RGBD Toolkit” written by three evil geniuses: James George, Jonathan Minard and Alexander Porter. It basically allows you to combine 3D depth information with traditional video. When we shot it, the camera actually never moved once. All of those trippy angles and transitions were all done after the fact with the program.”

“What are some of your professional goals as a musician (albums, tours, award/recognition, etc.)? Coming from a family of artists do you set higher goals for yourself; do you feel like you have more to live up to? Well, one of my biggest goals was always to go on a national tour, which is actually happening this summer, pretty insane!! Beyond that, the ultimate goal would be to play a huge stadium at some point, I really just want to know what that feels like! In general though, I want to be able to keep making music as a job as long as I want to, for as many people as want to listen. As far as having more to live up to, I’m not going to BS, that’s absolutely true, but that’s a good thing!”