ChordSlinger n Lola / Press

“Nice chemistry and catchy without selling out anything!...... I love stumbling upon greatness!”

worldsurfer54 - ReverbNation

“I hear a lot of bands on Reverbnation, and many are good, but you are taking it to the next level. You've really got something here!! Keep up the good work!!!”

Todd Silva - RevebNation

“Look at me is a great song.One of the best acts I've heard on Reverb.”

Malc opie - ReverbNation

"The essence of Chordslinger n Lola’s music is sure to leave the most fastidious critic wanting to hear more"

“As far as I am concerned best new female vocalist of the year who has one he** of a partner to make music with. Perfect match.”

Keith Richards - FaceBook

“Everything you do is Golden. HAIL to the QUEEN!!”

Shyloks - ReverbNation

“There is a lot of good stuff on reverbnation, but so few that stun! Gosh! I love this work!! It could be next cross-generational sound that everyone loves.....”

Johnny Mike & The Derringer Red Band - ReverbNation

“You're the best voice here on Reverbnation, really talented.”

Gernot Breimann - ReverbNation

“One Word. Greatness. One of the most professional sounding voices we have ever heard on reverbnation. We listened to "Here For You" & heard this voice that was so clear, you could see the emotion as it was riding the the production. We went & listened to all of the songs & realized that we were listening to greatness. Consider us official fans.”

"684" - ReverbNation