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“Photo Review: Chief and TheDoosmdayDevice, Anthony Maintain and Coolzey at Spider House Ballroom”

“Boom Baps & Daps (One Year Anniversary recap)”

“Strings, bells, and choir samples flow in and out of the heavy stomps of the opening two tracks to add some brevity to the otherwise brooding and crawling flow of Chief. Without these light touches, the album could have easily swerved into Illuminati-core, something that we all should try to stop. Cheeky interpolations of Tracy Chapman (“Talkin’ bout a revolution/or just a change of mind“) and The Warriors call to play help sell darker lines like “I am not the fodder for your frontline/used as an instrument to commit your war crimes.” There is a person calling for change, not just the concept of a revolution.”

“Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice : live on-air interview/performance [ KSYM 90.1 – San Antonio – Wednesday, March 5, 2014 ]”

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“…Chief has kept the spirit of Hip-Hop alive through his original lyrical content and driving beat creations, interwoven with classic tracks on his album Permanent Record.”

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“Chief and The Doomsday Device”

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“Dig into the local music scene far enough and Greg Williams’ name will appear every time. A mainstay for more than a decade, the MC, poet and producer has injected his own creativity into numerous local music projects — often times many at one time... “It/ll Be Better Tomorrow” pull(s) from all kinds of genres, styles and time signatures to create Williams’ own voice.”

“[It/ll Be Better Tomorrow] is complete with Cat Power samples, sweet beats, and lovely baritone phrasing…get it!”

Suzanna Choffel - Facebook

“I liked the music [It/ll Be Better Tomorrow]… it was like listening to jazz. Powerful message and your own style entirely.”

Grimnasty - Facebook

“.::liquidstereoproject is not your typical hip-hop/rock band… They take music to a different level, adding alternative rock sounds, mixes and scratches and touches of jazz and funk. The result is as smooth as a baby’s bottom. These guys are rising on the underground hip-hop scene.”

Ginger Cowles - Austin American-Statesman

“The guys in the band (The) Word Association hang out like brothers would… when the crew is together in the living room, it feels like a family lives there… It’s a good scene. They look excited about the music they’re making.”

Daniel Schaetz - The University Star

“The Word Association’s debut runs closer to Minneapolis hip-hop than that of Houston. The San Marcos troupe demonstrates verbose lyricism…”

“Electric Mayhem have played a significant role in San Marcos nightlife for the past six and a half years… Despite a slow start, the duo began to gain steady popularity through word of mouth by the end of the summer in 2002. By 2005, Lucy’s was hitting max capacity every Wednesday.”

“With uncompromising backpack raps over crushing rock tracks, the LP plays like a lost companion disc to the seminal Judgement Night soundtrack. The project is remarkably cohesive and exceeds the measure of any collaboration; the sum total is better than the individual parts.”