Chelsea Carlson / Press

"Yes, the young woman with the dark, blond locks has heard she looks like Taylor Swift. The 21-year-old Chelsea Carlson has even been mistaken for the slightly older superstar. But when Carlson makes her Florida debut Sunday at Soma Creek Side in Bradenton don’t expect to hear any of Taylor’s country-pop tunes; or anything that falls neatly into the “modern country” or “pop” categories. Carlson is a rocker. She loves Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin and has a rich, sultry voice that blows away Swift’s puny singing."

"A rocking breakup-song, 'Used to Be' evokes some of the souful vocal stylings, attitude and musicality of female rockers such as Grace Potter and Heart's Ann Wilson....The end result came complete with lush harmonies and gritty guitar solos accompany Carlson's cutting lyrics."

"...the next big thing might be from your own backyard...Wherever she goes, people are starting to take notice of Carlson's talents."

"But every so often, a newcomer hits the scene. Someone like Chelsea Carlson...a student at Berklee College of Music, the largest and one of the most respected independent college of contemporary music in the world, she’s also just finished recording her first original single...Fans may expect Carlson to list a slew of current artists among her influences, given her young age. They’d be surprised."

"Chelsea Carlson is a young woman on the rise...with a popular song, a JAM Award, and an eye toward expanding her reach beyond her Morris County environs."

"Chelsea Carlson...blew us away with her powerful voice. She is certainly someone to watch out for in the Indie and Mainstream Music Industry."

"It's been a pretty exciting week for roots-rock inspired Chelsea Carlson...the on the rise singer-songwriter shares one of her best and most personal tracks to date, 'Ain't Done Yet.'"

“The new year brings new challenges. For some Morris County residents, those challenges will be particularly big and interesting...In 2013 the up-and-coming musician is scheduled to perform with Half Moon Revival, a Janis Joplin tribute band; cut her first album of original tunes; and study in New Orleans”

“Inspired by the greats...Chelsea uses their classic musical success and combines it with her own modern rock edge. She is a breath of fresh air and very unique in her style both in her music and in person.”

“Chelsea Carlson... now look to market their original tunes, be rockstars, but most of all share their love of music.”

"Of course, Chelsea Carlson's goal is to be a rock star....Audiences are surprised...when they hear she's not like [Taylor] Swift but has her own style."