Centimani / Press

"...undoubtedly one of the best albums by an unsigned band (and perhaps by any band) this year."

"Each song, with the exception for the atmosphere building instrumental tracks, effortlessly blends the 2 styles together for a marriage made in Valhalla"

“...With a début album this strong coming from a band still relatively newly-formed, people have every reason to be excited about the future of Centimani. Aegaeon remains a strong listen throughout multiple spins in both black and death metal mindsets...”

““Colorado has some great bands and those into the extreme side of metal should know of this great band from Boulder Colorado. Centimani give 110% at show, entertain the crowd and great just great black metal. The song “darkness Embrace” may not have the Vocals but the music is simply haunting and fits the title well!””

Raven - Raven Eggs and Kegs Radio Show

"Centimani has provided salvation for dark metal worshippers in this region, and their ambition shall proceed to enrapture more and more. It was a metal journalist’s coup de grace to sit down in person and talk all things metal with the members of Centimani." -Bruce Buchanan

Bruce Buchanan - Explicitly Intense