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“Celeste rocked out the KSL studio this morning performing live. Fans went nuts on Twitter and Ustream – so the show went ridiculously long – a KSL first. (Sorry Celeste, we know it was early for you but you killed it). Go buy her album on iTunes you won’t regret it.”

“Just Jared Jr. announces the release of Celeste's music video "Looking In Your Eyes"”

“I Heart Radio "Artist To Watch"”

“Popstar!‘s L.A. correspondent Cheryl got to go on tour with rising star Celeste Kellogg! Celeste wowed us with her first single, “My Jeans,” and we love her most recent song—a duet with Lemonade Mouth‘s Blake Michael called “Looking in Your Eyes”—so we were superexcited about getting a behind-the-scenes look at her tour!”

“Meet 17 year old Songwriter, Actress and Nashville Recording Artist Celeste Kellogg from Virginia. At just 16, Celeste had already filmed the lead in an independent movie, where she was also featured on the Soundtrack, filmed a TV Pilot where she composed the music, was featured in Pop Star Magazine, shared the stage with Raven, The Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, The Cheetah Girls, Chuck Wicks, Le Ann Rimes, Daryl Worley, Joey & Rory, Jeffrey Steele and Cowboy Troy, filmed 2 original music videos (of which one has won two awards) and released her debut CD “This Is Where I Wanna Be” where her single “The Look” charted #20 in Germany. Needless to say this Teen has been quite busy. Recently, Christian Lamitschka had the opportunity to sit down with Celeste and talk about what’s ahead for the up-and-coming singer.”

“Celeste Kellogg. Young, pretty and not blonde (at least not when she did her MySpace page!). She writes, she sings, she acts. I consider all of these things good. The songs in the MySpace player of this sixgteen-year-old are a good mix in sounds. I like the line "handcuffed to your heart" that is the title of one song. One of my favorites there is "Crying With the Sky," as everything in it seems right - the lyrics, the vocal work, the mix. I think she sounds best on these cuts when performing the slower, smoother songs.”

"I really like the song you were singing earlier, the energy one" (Interview on the Gibson Tour Bus) Piper Reese Pipers Picks TV

“Epiphone / Gibson Guitar Host Celeste Kellogg video release party of "The Look" Nashville Tenn”

"We just saw your music video "The Look" you did a great job on everything"

“Pop Star Magazine Red Carpet Interview. 12 in 12 Pop Star Event City Walk, California”

“Celeste Kellogg is SWN's Favorite New Artist of 2011. The young country singer has been making waves since her hit song "My Jeans". Celeste has a new song and video, "The Look" that has everybody wanting to know who she is:”

“Interview with CelebSecrets4U”

"Did you design your outfit for the Red Carpet" Red Carpet Interview and the 12 in 12 Pop Star Event, City Walk California

“One of the newest and greatest pop/country sensations to hit the air waves, Celeste Kellogg. "She has a tremendous career going for her in music. Her artistry and talent for capturing the audience is the driving force behind her success. The creativity and beauty she brings to the camera in her videos brings to mind, Shania Twain."”

"I really like that song (The Look) it's awesome. You guys should totally check out her music video, it's so cute. The outfits are amazing, the make-up amazing" Piper Reese Piper's Picks TV