Cavalier / Press

“Cavalier – How To Grow Your Brain Release Date: June 6, 2008 Record Label: Unsigned Hot Damn! Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce to you one of my favorite unsigned bands of the year, Cavalier. This band resides from Tacoma, Washington, and their debut full length, How To Grow Your Brain, is already out in the internet airwaves. For those of you who have heard them before from their highly underrated debut EP, Your Honest Answer, congratulations, you get to hear this band enter their new era. For those who haven't, keep reading.This trio prides themselves in playing some of the most straight forward, heartfelt music you can find these days. You will find yourself humming along to songs long after you turn them off, and you wont hate yourself for doing it either. Let me tell you more reasons why I personally am making an effort to brainwash you into buying this, or at least illegally download this and support them by buying a t-shirt. ”