Cassie Correlle / Press

“Strumming her Martin guitar—Shania, she calls it—Correlle tells the story about a back stabbing boy with another girl’s lipstick on his collar. “Tell the boys I say goodbye,” she sings, as if the whole situation was happening all over again. Correlle, the girl who carries a bottle of John Freida hair spray in her purse, tilts her head down, focusing on each string, as the stage lights hit her big, sparkling Texas hair.”

“I love being on stage with my guitar and sharing my view of the world with other people. I love having people relate to my songs, and tell me, "wow, that song was made to fit my life perfectly". When I was younger, I was always searching for songs and lyrics that displayed how I felt, and then one day I thought, "instead of looking for a song that fits my life, why not make one?"”