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“I would like to learn the language of this paradise named "Usianus". It seems to be a very special language, full of energy. That is the reason why most of the citizenry speak at least nine languages there. The planet sounds like it is the center of world peace. I could not resist talking about this fictitious planet. It seems like it is a sure best-seller! Much gratitude to You, Poet, for this inspiring author's note. On the poem: This poem would make His Holiness, Poet Hesiod introduce You to the Muses; and I am talking about all Muses in Helicon, which would ask Apollo to meet You. One could go through these five magnificent stanzas and write twenty books on mythology and many related themes of hierological background. I read this three times as I do with any glorious composition, then I read it three more times, just to make sure that the vision it created in my mind was clearly understood. ”

“Hail Poet! When Your Quill flies Apollo makes a long sigh, and all twelve Muses dance to Mother Poet. Thank You for sharing Your poetic jewels, and for enriching the history of the English Fine Letters. A golden Scroll to inspire the heart and edify the mind... "Synchronized Vision" glows on constellation Poetry. In respect and admiration, Andre Emmanuel Bendavi ben-YEHU”

“Some people's 'rambling' can out-argue twenty academics on the head of a pin! I visited your site and listened to all the poems there: they're awesome! I especially liked the subtle message in the sound of the team of horses on "Doubt" for it implies that when we each advance alone we pull the whole world (or at least part of it) with us: this is the root of the magic of the bard, methinks. You are shining proof that poetry is a spoken art, not a paper-bound one: I salute you in the name of the spirit of the druids of old. (And you have a lovely voice!) ”

Gary Kent Spain - All Poetry

“As you will have noticed the judging has been corrected and yes, You have won the GOLD! I truly enjoyed every aspect of your wonderful write. I love the use of words, the rhythm the story and the inspirational message. Thank you for making this contest a true pleasure to me. Congratulations! And please continue to share your wonderful heart and talent...”

All Poetry.com

“on Farewell to a Knight It is not often one hears the ungarnered truth, combined with such beauty and appreciation of another human being. We are all flawed angels in one way or another, but I love how you respect this man inspite of his faults. David”

All Poetry.com

“on Freedom Fighters This is indeed a very powerful write, I love it so much. I listened to you read it on your homepage on reverbnation and it actually send chills down my spine. I am so happy you decided to join AllPoetry, and grace us humble cripples with your very talented presence! Welcome! Fondly, your friend, Mike”

All Poetry.com

“on The Drinker This is a beautiful and because of that, a memorable write from a compassionate soul. Thank you for offering it up for critique, even if I have none to offer! It is, what it is and cannot be bettered.”

All Poetry.com

“beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! you have robbed me of words.. it is such a lovely comparison! truly, blood can be drained without seeing any red, people killed without a sword, decieved who die believing..”

All Poetry.com

“HI Carol! We are going to read some of your poetry during our "Revolution" show next week.. I will let you know a few days before how you can tune in and listen... and thank you for your encouraging comments, I am happy we connected my poetic friend,,,, hugs, Ken :)”

Ken Cowle (President) - The Soul Asylum Poetry