Carmen Corinna Braun / Cory Braun / Press

“DETMOLD Kick off for the summer stage Bass, guitar and drums set the tone Detmold. Whirring, hissing, thunder: Detmold marketplace. Irritating, just the music, that "Dub-O-Mat" produce - equipped with three laptops and two bottles of wine. The sounds seems hip-hop, to reggae, often also indefinable. And still this sound carpet, that the group from Detmold creates, is good enough indeed, to accompany a classic soul ballad that the singer Carmen Braun performs with a fantastic voice. The endless breadth, that people from Lippe usually (for awe or fear?) leave between themselves and the stage was a great opportunity that the lead singer knew to use by additionally collecting all the children to improvise a formation dance with them. And so the kids learnt more than their parents: For example, that you can dance excellently to dub and trance.”

“Eitorf – An extraordinary dance event in the Sieg Valley of Germany: In the Theatre at the Park Karen Savage presented a world premier with her „Savage Soul Contemporary Dance Theatre“. The play „4XRed“ has been staged by the choreographer born in Philadelphia, USA especially for this evening. The charismatic artistic director of the company was formed among others at the Alvin Ailey School in New York, perhaps one of the best 'Ballett forges' worldwide [...] Strong, grounded motion sequences of outstandingly formed Ballett Dancers joined to expressive images. But Savage has definetely found her own language of shapes [...] She delivers this style to Europe and combines it with elements of Hip Hop and Breakdance [...] Outstanding was apart from the incredibly present Karen Savage Corinna Braun. She sang several songs live with an impressive voice and completed the performance with her artistic Breakdance sets. The show was celebrated with standing ovations.”

“The colour red is an expression of passion Savage Soul Contemporary Dance Theater shew Premiere Also optically it was a delicacy: The Dance Performance of Savage Soul in Theater at the Park. Foto: Herkenrath Eitorf (sh). There are several associations joined with the colour red: Blood, Love, Aggression, just to name a few. The Dance Premiere "4xRed" had a lot to show. In two well visited performances the ensemble presented its own expressive interpretation of “Red” in dance and live music. The choreographer Karen D. Savage, who stood out in the musical "Saturday Night Fever" already, now wants to export the style of the American Dance Theatre to Europe.”