Captain Catfeesh / Press

"Colby White, better known by his stage name Captain Catfeesh, has been a one-man band for the better part of a decade. His self-proclaimed Appalachian alternative / folk punk sound turns a few heads, along with his quirky set props and comedic arsenal. White looks to folklore for inspiration, but more specifically to West Virginia supernatural folklore, such as the Mothman and the Braxton County Monster." -Erin Fitzwilliams (10 Questions, Dominion Post)

"One of West Virginia's greatest song-writers! Future of the Folk."

Slate Dump

“Colby White, AKA Captain Catfeesh seems to mostly use a nice mix of styles. He writes folk songs, covers Hasil Adkins' "Chicken Walk". He also mixes punk and country and plays some foot drums and kazoo.... -Dave Harris - "Head, Hands, and Feet”

“As the Captain will tell you, it ain't always pretty but he is putting himself out there. He brings a mish mash of genres, and it's all emotion. -Louis Guilliani, owner - 123 Pleasant St.”