Candy Lee / Press

“There’s just something sweet about the Fayetteville singer-songwriter, Candy Lee. Her voice and music likens to a silkier Regina Spektor, with quirkiness and serenity balanced in the feel of the music. It feels angelic in a whole, and the harmonies at work in the music evoke the music of 1950s harmony groups.”

“Candy Lee’s voice changes tone and pitch from song to song; the voice services the song, rather than the other way around. Hers is the only voice heard on the album, frequently overdubbed for harmonic purposes; this comes out in places like the choruses on “Worst Enemy”, one of the album’s best tracks. In practice, her voice sounds very much like the Casady sisters, aka Coco Rosie; this comes through on the opening track, “Blues Skies”. At others, like on “Experiences”, it’s more reminiscent of Cranberries singer Delores O’Riordan. It doesn’t sound derivative, but more like a set of certain sonic tools employed in service of the songs.”

“The subject matter in Candy Lee’s debut CD “The Gate” is difficult to explain. The lyrics — read without the music — may seem deceptively simple. When mixed with Lee’s original musical compositions, the essence of her message expands.”

“Many times those of us that are always in search of great artists cross paths with many diamonds in the rough but rarely run right into one that is naturally cut and polished. So, I was elated when I happened upon Candy Lee.”